Revisiting Direct Call Option

Hello ladies!In this post we want to revisit Direct Call option and all the possibilities and parameters with you. Each lady can turn ON  and OFF this post. You can turn it on or off  inside your chat in the upper part of your screen. Here is how it looks like.

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As you know, with Reserved Call, there is appointment and then you are asked if you want to talk with a man or not, but with Direct Call, there are no appointments. Man can call you instantly in just few seconds. You are being paid 0.5$ for each minute during Direct Call.

If  you didn’t turn OFF Direct Call option, and you get a call from someone on the website but you refuse a call, you will be fined 20$ PENALTY. 

So let us remind you once again, if you want to receive Direct Calls, leave this option ON(look at the picture above to see how to do this), but if you don’t want to receive Direct Call, turn this option OFF.

Have a nice day!