Another New Way To Earn Additional Money

Hello everyone. Finally holidays are over! It’s time to get back on the track. Team Exodious have come with another brilliant idea to reward you all who want to be awarded. All you have to do is visit our website every time one of the men from your chats are trying to pass you their personal info such as phone number, email, name etc… That info is usually blocked inside the chat but what can we say, men can be original sometimes.

We’ve added a new option in Navigation Menu under “Members” called Man’s Data Submission.

Here is how it looks together with all steps.

For every submission you enter you will receive 2$ for your current month. If someone already entered data from the same man, you won’t receive reward.

Important! Do not try to enter fake information, all data will be checked automatically. If you enter wrong data, you will be penalized.


Other than this, 30$ invitational bonus is still alive so go on and invite your friends, help them earn as well!