Happy Birthday!

Hello ladies and gentleman!
We have another fun promotion for you!
Today is our first birthday ever!
Unfortunately we are not all in the same city so we can’t split the birthday cake and get drunk but we can have another kind of fun together. We’ve arranged a special quiz for you with 15 questions. Don’t be scared, questions are not that hard. You are all free to try and answer those questions. There will be points earned from each question. Whoever is going to have the most points at the end of this week will win 50$ as reward! Correct answers will be also posted at the end of the week.
We also wanted to thank you for being our first year with us. We’ve started small and kept growing. Today we’ve grown into a serious company and organization.
Thank you for being with us, we couldn’t have done it without you!
Good luck and let’s make this year even better together!
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