Important Strategy Updates

Hello guys. We have important updates to announce. As you all know, we are still a new company who has been changing rapidly and growing constantly. During previous few months, we’ve achieved a lot and we would never done it without you. Thank you! As you know, we been communicating via Skype, phone, Facebook groups and chat and all other different ways of communication. It’s been practical and easy for each of us but unfortunately that’s not a case anymore. We’ve expanded and there are many of you now, which makes it way harder to easily communicate with you. We’ve been thinking and we’ve finally found an solution that we believe should work great for both sides.

Starting today, all currently registered girls will have to do following steps:

  1. Visit this link and sign up for a Payoneer Credit Card. This is a referral link and you will get 25$ for signing up this way which will make your card maintenance completely free. You will receive all your future payments on your Payoneer bank account and you can use Payonner card everywhere in the world.(during sign up process make sure you write your personal mail, not company mail. Also, make sure you pick a Prepaid Card option, not bank account).
  2. Contact us on Facebook and let us know your desired username, we will be creating a personal company mail for you. For example if your username is iamawesome, your company mail will be This is a MUST DO. All your future promotions and notifications will be coming on this mail.
  3. Once you had your personal company mail created, you will visit our News page, enter your personal company mail on the right side and click Subscibe. Here is a screenshot just in case.

For all other girls who are not interested in being part of our team anymore, we kindly ask you to let us know.

Well, that should be all for now. Later today we will announce a new promotion for some extra income.


All questions can be sent on our Contact page or directly on email: